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8 months ago

2 Years

Happy anniversary baby. You have no idea how much you make me happy, and made my life so much better. Especially this past year. Things at home have probably never been this bad and your something I can hold onto and you give me hope of a brighter tomorrow. I feel so bad still that we aren’t together in real life and it really eats at me more than you think. I don’t like talking about it because usually I can make things happen, but this is something big and I don’t know how to go about getting it done because my whole life is here, then I think no my whole life is wherever you are, but still I have things here to despite how messed up they seem. I just want you to know I think about it everyday and ways to get to you, when I go to the gym I work extra hard for us. It’s all gonna pay off one day. Thank you for being so wonderful I love you so damn much and iby um ore.

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9 months ago

Happy Birthday

I love life, there used to be several reasons. Ever since I met you it’s been mostly you. The past year it’s been just you. Literally you, and mma but mostly you.
I try not to get depressed because I don’t wanna bring you down, but I’m so sick of everything that life has to offer. I get so sad sometimes with how things are, and 
theres only one bright light that makes me have a glimmer of hope, it’s you. I used to never be so sad but things change, and without you I don’t know if I’d even wanna 
go on. I know I’m strong but you make me so much stronger, and have helped mold me into a better man. I’m depressed daily, and the only medicine that can help me is you.
The only time I’m not depressed is when we talk. I feel bad because I’m sometimes tired because of shit in life and I just wanna sleep it off, or not in the mood to talk
because I’m not a very talkative person anyhow, but just know no matter what I always wanna talk to you. Your the best thing to happen to me, I can’t complain when God
has given me you. 21 years ago you were born. I was just one at the time, amazing to think I was in this world before you, and without you. That someone so special just came
into this life. I know life with you is gonna be so amazing, and if for some reason it would suck, I’d stick it out with you. I don’t understand how you can make
me so happy one person can just change my entire outlook on things, you make me wanna be so much better. I’m not sure how much better I’ll get but I promise I’ll
try my best. Don’t think I’m suicidal lol, I’m just saying I’m so happy to have you. I block um ore.

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11 months ago


I don’t worry about my opposition 
Standards so high I’m my only competition 
Set out to erase doubt you may have for me
Fatal blows hit like a tragedy
Make sure your pants fit because you’ll never get the belt
Worrying about gold better worry about your health
Robert Horry to me not fit to step on my court
I’m Kobe Bryant in the cage you cant breach my fort
Only good enough for an assist
Assisting my fist making me a bit richer
I perform on my worst day then you on your best
Make you lose a few teeth and have to sip dinner
Nah bitch I’m the monster so go on Mr. Kanye West
I’m only headed north reaching my full potential
Go hard with a pad can compare my fists to this pencil

Drive myself mental by being this excellent

I raise the bar leave it bent

Name always raised in the best discussion 

Leave no doubt like my name Gwen

Better than that one Russian

Zero defeats and all I do is win

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1 year ago

U Wot M8

Fuck 2 a days I do 3 a days
I don’t train i live it
Can finish a fight in many ways
Watching carbs so I skip the biscuits
Fuck a unanimous or split decision
I’ll knock you out with mass precision
Fists of fury
Never leave it up to the jury
Can’t judge what im bringing to the table 
An like Cain you know im able
Put you to sleep who’s gonna rock the cradle i rocked your senses
Leave you with a permanent black eye that twitches
Broken jaw and a fractured nose 
Take 2 weeks before you can feel your toes
And i think you lost some teeth
Bloody got you lit up like a Christmas wreath
They call me op like a Famas
Call you beta like Ross
Left Rachel with a lips glossing
Why would i need to train submissions and hip tossing
I plan to annihilate 
Hit like a heavyweight
Your game plan is to take me down and hump me
I’m gonna crack your shell Humpty Dumpty 
Not gonna stop till i get that belt
I bring heat and it seems you ready to melt
And if you think you can pass my speeding lane you in the wrong game
Cause damn right they gonna remember my name 

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1 year ago

Happy Annivesary

hey baby we been together a year lol well you know that but its just unreal
feels like a dream because for awhile things didnt go our way
and thats sad but doesnt matter cause were together now
been a year and its not gonna stop till im old and grey and pass away
which i hope i do before you cause id be a sad lonely old man without you
i know your gonna be the best wife and mom ever
sorry im not there yet i should be but im tryna get things situated
thank you for being you and being by my side
i promise im gonna get in the ufc and give us and our kids a good life
thats all i want i pray to God everynight and ik that its gonna happen
youve helped me mature a whole bunch
id say this past year was when i really became a man
cause i look at life differently
all because of you
lifes amazing now and we havent even entered real life toghether
morning iby um ore

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1 year ago

Fresh Title

Your my best friend

Your my reason to keep living

Your my riches

Your my motivation

Your everything I want our kids to be

Your the reason I wanna and strive to be a better man

Your a lot more but most of all your the love of my life

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1 year ago

I love you

Feels like my heart is attached to the Earth
My soul continues to hurt
Days without you seem like a waste of time
Just a fucking bind
Need a fucking sign to continue
My hearts like an open venue
Not much to view
Just carvings of how much I love you
World’s a living Hell
Cause I don’t know if your ill not doing well
Or fed up waiting on someone who claims to be coming
Listen baby I promise I’m coming I’m more than nothing
Might appear that I’ll forever be here
Yea I’m sorry in time I’ll get there
Right by your side
Nothing compares to our love so we gonna ride
For our love we had to crawl
I got you so I need nothing at all
I’m confused at your perfection
Depressed about my imperfections
I’m asking God is this a lesson, cause I promise I’ve learned
Stomach sick cause all day it’s churned
Twisted and turned for days
Trapped in this maze
Questioning what could be wrong
Writing sad songs
Maybe Heaven needs another angel but God this ones mine
Feel like I’m trapped in my mind
Can’t escape missing you
Thinking what can I do
I need you in my life like a heart needs a beat
And I’m sorry we haven’t got to meet
Tears me up inside
My conscience want let it hide
You deserve the best and I’m not providing
But baby we can’t be dividing
We’re a couple
Your my back bone the support to these muscles
When I see you aren’t yet on I don’t wanna be awake
I wanna dream of us by a lake
By anything you desire
And I gotta admit I’m a liar
You mean more to me than I could ever describe
so I need you by my side
The way you give me life is out of this world
A true blessing sent from above
Hands are staying curled
Praying your gonna return and ok
Cause I can’t take it another day
Sounding suicidal cause I can’t continue this battle
I don’t wanna end things I’m ready to begin
Create a family go buy some diapers and raddles
These tears need windshield wiapers seems like they have no end
I’m sorry for not being there
I’ll get to you as soon as I can
I promise I fucking care
Ready to become a man take our life into my hands
Please just be alright
Cause baby I can’t take another night
Thinking somethings wrong with my baby
It’s starting to faze me
Lost not knowing what to do
I can’t continue without you